It's not just a kid thing.

It's Not Just a Kid Thing

Island Girl offers airbrush tattoos for the young... ​and the young-at-heart!

Aside from the traditional kid-pleasing airbrush tattoos, we cater to the adult crowd by creating airbrush tattoos that look like real tattoos.

Completely customizable! Want a scroll with a name? Maybe add a rose or two? How about an anchor with waves or filigree work? Island Girl uses individual components to create airbrush tattoos so the sky's the limit on quantity, arrangement & creativity.

Be prepared to fool your friends into thinking you got inked over the weekend! 
Island Girl's head-turning tattoos are available in single designs, chest & back pieces to half & full sleeves in Full Color or Black & Gray. We even have a paint that's called True Tattoo for that authentic look! Various styles include Roses, Skulls, Nautical, Japanese and more. All of our airbrush tattoos are realistic, painless, temporary and applied in minutes.

The Paint

Island Girl uses the best-in-industry alcohol-based and water-based paint that's FDA approved, skin safe and non-toxic. Plus, it's made right here in the USA.
Headed to the beach, pool or water park? No problem! Our alcohol-based paint is sweat and waterproof, lasting typically for 3 - 7 days and occasionally up to 10 days depending on placement, body chemistry and care. See the Care section below for more details.

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Airbrush Tattoo Care

Caring for your temporary airbrush tattoo is super simple! 
Apply a light coat of baby powder or cosmetic powder to your tattoo before & after getting the design wet. 
Be sure to pat the tattoo dry after bathing or swimming... don't rub it!
The design area should avoid contact with clothing (wet or dry) that will rub the tattoo.
Do not apply oils, alcohols, moisturizers, creams or lotions to your tattoo... just powder.
Drinking alcohol and then sweating, also certain medications, will demise your tattoo faster than normal. 

Your temporary airbrush tattoo can be removed with any one of the following:
Liquid soap lathered with a bath scrunchie, then rinse with water.
71 - 99% rubbing alcohol.
Any kind of veggie oil, like olive oil or coconut oil. Baby oil works great too.