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We at Island Girl do everything we can to create minimal waste at work and at home. We also support the environment and seashore treasures with donations to: 

Island Girl's multi color koi fish airbrush tattoo is also available in black & gray.
Jeanette applying Indo-Arabic bridal henna

The Island Girl Team

We are Jeanette & Chris Harper, the owners of Island Girl. 

We're high school sweethearts who grew up on an island off the coast of New England. Our traveling adventures have taken us to locations like Nantucket, Block Island, Florida’s Suncoast and sailing Penobscot Bay, to Sicily in the Mediterranean and tropical destinations throughout the Caribbean. 

The name Island Girl was chosen to encompass the images conjured by island life - the sea, lush greenery, sunshine, sailing, those little umbrellas and your toes in the sand.

Up to mischief while sailing aboard the Lewis R. French out of Camden ME
Jeanette as Mermaid Netsea

Island Girl is owned & operated by Jeanette & Chris Harper in Delhi, NY and is not affiliated with any person, online identity or business of similar name located in Alabama or the West Indies.

Fire Island Lighthouse
Jeanette out on the bowsprit of the Lewis R. French over Moxy Reef
Sierra Club
4 Ocean
Sunset cruise on the Caribbean, Ocho Rios, Jamiaca
Island Girl's vardo, custom built by Jeanette & Chris, serves as accommodations while at multi-day events.

WOSB, Dedication, Success & Fun

Island Girl is a woman owned small business! I'm a nationally insured artist and have been at the helm of the business for nearly 10 years. Decades of business experience coupled with natural artistic abilities and professional training have created a successful self-employed career that breaks the 'starving artist' mold.

My husband, Chris, came aboard when the business expanded. He oversees equipment and mechanical operations to venue management.

What happens when you combine doing something you love with knowledge, skill, experience and professional, friendly service? You smile, have a lot of fun (contagious!) and you get the job done right. We bring all that to your event. 

The happy Island Girl team ~ Jeanette & Chris Harper

Our Services

We offer temporary body art services in the form of airbrush tattoos and organic henna.

Here at Island Girl, we use the industry’s best, FDA approved skin-safe waterproof airbrush paints. Our airbrush tattoos are created using freehand work and stencils (I handcut many of them), and specialize in designs that look like real tattoos. "Who says temporary tattoos are just for kids?!"

I apply all henna completely freehand using paste I blend in-house using the finest organic ingredients. We place a strong emphasis on product safety and appearance. Therefore, black henna is NEVER offered because of its dangerous side effects, and Jagua is NOT offered because of a small possibility of an allergic reaction and is similar in appearance to black henna. 

Our large collection of the body art designs is constantly expanding with most being exclusive to Island Girl. Since the work is free-style, I always welcome custom design collaboration. 

Body Art For All Seasons

Every year our calendar fills with festivals, student activities for colleges & universities, corporate events, expos, conventions, individual appointments and private parties. Much of which is influenced by the tide of the seasons and whose ebb and flow keeps things diverse year round - like the opportunity to dress as pirates and live a life full of adventure!

Book with us today and set sail into the exciting world of temporary body art!

Jeanette as Jane Laplode, Capt. of the Sea Witch
Chris enjoying vacation in the Caribbean
Sea Turtle Recovery
Coral Reef Alliance

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Chris as First Mate aboard the Sea Witch