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Canceling or Rescheduling an Appointment: If you absolutely need to cancel or reschedule an appointment contact Island Girl as soon as possible. More than 72 hours notice can move a retainer to a new date/ time, or cancel an appointment and refund the retainer. If you give less than 72 hours notice or don't show at the appointment time, the retainer is forfeit, non-refundable, non-transferable.

Freehand henna body art is always customizable at Island Girl!
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By working with Island Girl you're supporting a woman owned small business!


Island Girl Body Art and it's owners help support the environment and seashore treasures with donations to: 

Coral Reef Alliance
Jeanette applying an airbrush tattoo at Girls World Expo
Customizable airbrush tattoo
Jeanette applying henna for students at SUNY Delhi University

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Reserving a Date

Island Girl's calendar is usually booked months in advance (especially April - October). Contact Island Girl with the date(s) you have in mind. It can be 'penciled in', but dates are not reserved or guaranteed until a retainer is received. 

 Travel Expenses

$0.50/ mile. Mileage is free within the Delhi, NY area.
(Bovina Center, Bloomville, Meredith, Treadwell, Delancey) 

Hotel accommodations and other expenses may be required for events 50 to 75+ miles away. 

Accepted Forms of Payment

Island Girl accepts Cash and Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express via Square).

Checks accepted for College & University Purchase Orders.  

For Hire

Island Girl's team specializes in School Events, College Student Activities, Employee Appreciation Days, Corporate Events, Parties, Retreats, Expos, Festivals, Fundraisers and more. 

Hourly rate begins as soon as set-up is complete. Island Girl supplies fresh, organic henna paste &/or airbrushing equipment and relevant materials, application service, portfolios of designs to choose from, photos of Island Girl's work, "who's next" crowd control, after-care instructions for recipients to take home... and a pleasant personality with a smile!

School/ College/ Corporate Events: Invoice, contract, certificate of insurance and W-9 form are emailed prior to event for your Purchase Order processing. Payable via check within 15 days of event. 

Parties, Retreats, Expos: Hire Island Girl for your event and your attendees don't pay anything to receive body art. Retainer and contract required. 

Fundraisers & Non-Profits: Island Girl is happy to help increase donations by doing body art at your fundraising event. You hire Island Girl and interested attendees pay for body art at your event. 100% of their payments are donations to your fundraiser. Most $20 designs can be completed in 5 minutes, smaller designs are faster. With a steady crowd, that can potentially generate $250+ per hour for your fundraiser! Retainer and contract required. Island Girl donates time & services to an event every year. 2017 Recipient: Break the Silence ~ Suicide Prevention Awareness Event at SUNY Delhi NY. (Additional contributions listed below.)

How long does body art take? $5-8 designs take approximately 3 minutes each (16-20 designs per hour). $12-18 designs take approximately 5-7 minutes each (8-12 designs per hour). Times are not guaranteed. Estimates include the time it takes a customer to sit down, get comfortable, have the design area cleaned, the design applied and then the customer to get up for the next customer to sit. Slow moving, non-attentive customers and other factors. like last minute design change requests, will certainly change these estimates. See the Gallery images for prices.​

There's a 2 hour minimum to hire Island Girl Body Art. Rates are: 
​9AM - 9PM: $125 per hour. 
​9PM - 9AM: $200 per hour.


Henna & Airbrush designs start at $5. Interested attendees can browse design portfolios with preset prices and pay Island Girl directly.

If you're a festival organizer, can contact Jeanette for availability to vend at your fair. Keep in mind that Island Girl's calendar fills months in advance. 
​Island Girl supplies fresh, organic henna paste &/ or airbrushing equipment and relevant materials, application service, portfolios of designs to choose from, photos of Island Girl's work,  "who's next" crowd control, and after-care instructions for recipients to take home.

Private Appointments

Located in NY's Catskill Mountains, Island Girl Body Art's studio is open by appointment. Call before traveling. Shore Line: 607-746-8328   Shell Phone: 607-434-7389.

Design portfolios with prices are available for browsing. Want something custom? Contact Jeanette at Island Girl for a free quote.

 How to set up an appointment:
Contact Island Girl to schedule an appointment in Delhi NY. Include design details so you can receive a free quote. A Square invoice is sent via email so you can submit a retainer* to reserve a date and time for your appointment. 

There is a $25 design minimum to book a henna appointment. ​Want something smaller? Bring a friend or two to meet the minimum rate or find Island Girl at any of the festivals listed on the Events page. Design prices start at $5 and go up based on size and intricacy chosen by client. Appointments for airbrush tattoos are not accepted due to the lengthy set up and cleaning process. Instead, find Island Girl at one of the festivals on the Events page.

*A retainer is 50% of the quoted price and acts as security so that prep work can begin and is an assurance that a client is serious about the date and time reserved on the calendar for them. This payment is applied to the cost of your body art.